Friday, January 8, 2016

Super Rare Rolex Daytona Ref 16528 on Sale

Another Watch Wonder that I wander buy of not!?

Under this economic situation that one can create a Trade breaker if the share price drop more than 5%! Is that some kind of manual manipulation on the free trade market?

My Company share drops again $0.6 according today. What is the year end bonus mean to me now?

Every day we can see my money is being evaporated by this unhealthy economic erosion!

Someone has to let go some of his collection to trade for some hard cash…

What is the best collectable Watch of Rolex in the last 25 years? Yes, that is the Daytona…

This Model 16528 is getting hot now…

Especial the one with these features will be the holy grail on all auctions:

A Rolex Daytona Ref 16528 with 18KT solid gold embedded with the Renowned Zenith El Primero that has a heart beat of 36,000 per hour, ensuring you accurate time keeping.

On this Black Dial, the word “Cosmography” is floating, or suspended versus a regular dial where the word “Cosmography” is vertical aligned along with the lines of text above it.

The word “Daytona’ on this dial is more vivid red that ordinary 16528 model.

The bezel is a collectible one as its scale begins with 200 UPH instead of 400! (UPH stands for Unit per hours)

Also the number “6” on the centre dial is “Inverted!

These feature will ensure people go HBP when they see this in any auction…  (High blood pressure above 160!)

This is an Authentic watch that we will show you picture by tomorrow…

It comes with a Wooden Box and the watch Catalogue… no paper…

POA… Whatsapp me if you are interested…  it is also the lowest price you cannot get elsewhere…

Why?…. I told you already in the beginning of the message.
A Similar Stainless steel Daytona with similar feature as for your reference.

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever

PS , the above watch was sold at 1700 Today.

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