Friday, January 8, 2016

How can you resist this Beautiful Rolex Date Just?

The best known gemstone for Rolex Dial are the green tourmaline and the pink or red rubellite.
Rubellite is a particularly beautiful gemstone from the colourful family of the tourmalines.

However, a woman who is truly aware of the extravagance and beauty of the rubellite will derive a great deal of pleasure from it.

Fortunately, nature has created the rubellite in many colour nuances, so that every woman can select the right rubellite for her type.

Many gemstones change their colour depending on the light source. A true rubellite does not . It shines just as intensely in artificial light as it does in daylight.
Rolex seldom makes watch using Rubellite as they were in the 80s; This is the one we can see at One of the Rolex AD Shops in HK.
Look, how could you resist this kind of gem dial!?
Ref 179171 Rube MSRP HKD$95,500
HK Watch Fever
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