Friday, November 13, 2015

Watch price in the coming Quarter

US economy is Strong
GDP 2015 2.4% from a forecast of 2.5%
Unemployment Rate 5%, best since the past 7.5 years
Per hour min., Wages increased $0.5 
Excellent Auto sales record
99 Exchange Rate Index, going up to 100- strongest US Dollar.
China Economy is slowing down
GDP 2015 6.8%, 2016 6.5% forecast
Oct drops 6% Export and 18% on import
Having 61.4B Surplus on import export
BOC interests rate reduces not enough drive for Stock market Boost
Oct. Reduced Iron Ore 12.3%, will affect Australian Dollar performance
Sign of weak internal Consumption and export…
These are the data we have to tell the two world largest economic automotive is slowing down…This affect the luxury watch sales in HK, hi end watch sales dropped more than 40% in this years. A lot of sales has lost their commission which is the major portion of their income in HK. Many Boutiques haven been close at Causeway Bay shopping hub.
This is Daytona Watch whole selling price of a major Dubai importer…on his IG.
2007 $84,000
2011  $96,000
2012 $93,000
2014 $88,000
2015 $84,000
Well, he is talking about Ref 116520 Black. , however don't forget he is big importer, and he has no box provided. The price is good if you can buy direct from Him. But No many people can get from him as he is selling fast and in volume…
I am trying to say that the watch price has been soft, and the high US Dollars (HKD) will definitely make the offer not too attractively especially to neighbor countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines…
Singapore was top one buyer for me in the past three years, and there is no one  in this year….
Because Singapore watch dealer is offering good price , especially for those who can get rid of the 7% GST…that will be comparable to price of HK.
We don't know what will be the price for 2016. And I believe that it would be more or less the same.
However one point we need to think about it, if you really need a Daytona, if yes,… it is time to buy as it is LOWEST ever…
If not then forget about it… go for a Date Just or a Simple G Shock.
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Can you give link to the IG account of the Dubai importer? I am in Dubai and curious to see.

HK Snob said...

can you search Asif_merchant

hk snob