Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Single Day 11.11.

11.11. represents four stick… in Chinese says, “Guanggun Jie” , Single, bachelor’s day is today.

Today is a holiday in China, probably no, but Today is definitely the days for the singles and it’s been a huge deal in China. It’s called Singles Day and it’s basically anti-Valentine’s Day. For all those who believe V-Day is a holiday made up by card companies to sell millions of greeting cards this year – you’ll be interested in Singles Day.

Singles Day, or Guanggun Jie in Chinese, was founded by a group of college kids in 1993, inspired by the imagery of “11.11”, since guanggun translates to “lone stick”.  Well, stick could possible related to the male genital in shape, four of them could be a big deal!?

 It started off as a “Bachelors Day”, but the day of being single and partying with other single friends spread to females as well. But in 2009, Alibaba, e-commerce company that owns sites like their own version of eBay, were all like, ‘Hey, let’s start marketing to these lonely single people on Singles Day and push them to splurge on one-day sales’.

No matter what, we wish the stick could find a right matching hole and lock it up tightly…

And The Hole could possible find a solid stick that could go in freely and smoothly…if not smooth may have sentimental barrier!? Who knows? And I hope there is no stick fight tonight at Lan Kwai Fong!   LOL…

For those who does not want to find hole or hole being found by stick.. go to buy a gift for yourself, that could possibly the most easiest way to make yourself HAPPY.

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