Friday, November 6, 2015

Rolex Fantasy

This green Dial Day Date is one of three most beautiful DD.
Market price is HKD$180,000 to 240,000

Is this Clark Quay?

One of my fantasies is to make love with someone under the tent.

Birds could fly higher than jet plane...
Daytona Rainbow is no more in production.
marketing price is HKD$970,000 to HKD$1,050,000
Rolex Daytona Rainbow in White Gold.

I had just been traveling USA in the past 7 days....

Flying HK to JFK- Boston, Dallas, Phoenix, LA, then HK
Total flying time about 39 Hours.,

I waited my US colleague at Air port about 14 hours adding up...

Travelling on cars about 14 hours.

Sleeping time total about 15 hours...for the past 7 days.

Well, the purpose of the visit is to sell my company product to US customers.

Just visited 2 customers, and total meeting time is about 2 hours...

In conclusion I should say this is a very exhausting stupid trip, nevertheless,  I think I earned a lot of Mileage... LOL! haha 

Well, during the 14 hour flight LAX to HKG, I spent time talking to a couple about life, money, children, philosophy and I should thank them sharing their experience in running business, dealing with people and their precious experience on how making a happy family.

I also spent time doing the about graphics, I extracted the pictures from my Hand phone and doing cut and pasted the Rolex that I like...It was great know after ten hours finishing your favourite movies...
what else could you do if you cannot sleep?

Just one thing in my mind... Rolex is always on my mind...

HK Snob

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