Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brand New in Box Full Set on Sales at Big Discount



We have stock up for over 150 Rolex now.
Import from Europe, Korea, Japan for those hot models that you normally cannot get in Authorized Dealer, or even have to pay for a premium.

Our price is very competitive and friendly , but in cash as the credit card charge is more or less our nett profit already for Sport model Submariners, GMT Master and SeaDweller....

We sell in bigger volume at low margin to differentiate other gray dealers. Many people asks if I have a shop, not at the moment as rental is sky high in Hong Kong. but who knows the future that we might need to open a watch shop....

I can carry the watch to Philippines at no extra cost, other than local Hong Kong delivery. And I am being recommended by Philippine Watch Club and Singapore Rolex Club members as one of the reliable source for Rolex even for your first Rolex.

HK Snob

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