Sunday, November 15, 2015

How To do Polishing on your Day Date?


The watch before polishing 

Cut the Polish Paper to the width of the side section and Pull the Paper to make the brushed Surface

After Polishing...the white gold cross was used for 
5 minutes practice  before the Day Date

After Polishing, picture taken at night 

This give you a better picture on how it look after 
polishing this morning 

I am not perfectionist, but I don't like my watch is having too much scratches…

Sometime even though you care so much on your Gold Rolex… someone on the road wearing a massive iron watch like a hammer would hit on your Rolex… Oh, no surprise to see a hair line scratches on your Oyster body… Oyster Body is Strong, but it is made of 18KT gold… softer than that Hammer

Will you send it to Rolex to do Polishing…?

I don't. as I do it myself..

Tools a hand held polishing motor, some of the polishing head for making mirror surface… a tube of German Autosol metal Polish… a piece of 1200CW Silicon Carbide Watch proof Polish paper…

A mini vice … that is it…


1.  Remove the gold bracelet from the     Watch.

2.  Start using the Polishing Mop to polish the shining surface of the bracelet… unit you can see mirror surface with the Autosol.

3. Cut the thin strip of Polishing paper with the same width of the Semi-circular brushed surface of the bracelet, and lightly press with one finger and use other hand to pull lightly along the direction of the bracelet,.. and make it same for every link of the bracelet…

4. Note that the width of the semi-circular link is smaller at the buckle side of the bracelet, you have to cut the exact width of the polishing paper to fit it..

5.  Using the Polishing mop to polish the watch body, on the mirror surface area.

6.  Lock up the Crown and watch with light detergent under warm water to remove excess dirt, metal polish and dry it on tissue paper…

You Will surprise to see your Rolex is like new the edge remains sharp, shinning new Rolex

….it is fun if you like doing this mechanic stuff..

Warning, if you are not too sure if you can do it… Don't Do it or it will become a Polex!

In such a case, send to Rolex Service Centre…let the expert does it for you.

HK Snob

PS use Cape Cod for minor scratches

reference Profession Polishing


Unknown said...

Is there any place i can get all those toos that u mentioned in hk or kowloon

HK Snob said...

Ap Liu street has it all
HK Snob