Sunday, November 22, 2015

Shall we judge the book by its Cover?

Masarati 3500GT

Omega Elite's latest custom iPhone 6S plus in Platinum iced out with 20 carats  of VVS clarity diamond for a Client in Tampa, FL, USA
 2015 Acura NSX hybrid super car
  An Audi R8 hand made by group of technician aged average of 40, made 20 cars a day, estimated
Richard Mille with a Bit Complicated movement but asking a lot!

This is an Example of the Vintage Ref 1803 in Pink Gold, Rolex Day Date 1977
Come on, counting like this by hand, it may take 1 week for that piles of RMB
When we had a meeting with our Top Executives on Annual Sales meeting last week.

I discovered that our Top Executive now is aware what the Cosmetic and outlook could be an essential selling point even for industrial equipment, I mean that they were not buying this concept 5 years ago!

For Industrial product, the major selling point is UPH (unit output per hour), MTBA (mean time between assist) the higher the better, MTBF (mean time between failure) the shorter the better… Yield in percentage, the higher the better of course… COO (cost of ownership) the lower the better…

The colour of the machine has been painted grey for 40 years… and the machine is formed by stacking up square boxes… does not seem to be undergone a refined design on the chassis…I should say it looks UGLY!

Well, look at some of European Equipment design, they are sleek, very ergonomics... colour contrast,

Red Strip across the mid of the body, Round off corners, the Control Panel is moveable freely … or even remote control. Press a button the cover will open automatically, that makes a big difference in the outlook of the equipment..
They Look Smarter, smaller, colourful, whereas ours are dull, square, huge, and look clumsy…

Well, I agree what one of the top executives said about one of his story about his wife buying a Hermes… He told her that the material cost of the bag may be just 5% to 10% of the selling price… and he asks why that bag is selling HKD$100,000…
His wife says value of the bag is  “I can afford, but you cannot!” that differentiates… the value of a Luxury products.

Well, I think that is one of the selling points of the Luxury product, Mararati, Aston Martin, Omega Elite, Audi, Vass Shoes, Tiffany, Cartier, Montblanc, NSX, Richard Mille, Rolex….
They are good stuff, they have heavy R&D on the product, their quality is Superb, they are unique to be an iconic image to tell “Only A few can afford!”…

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