Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Patek Rolex, Rolex OysterQuartz

Rolex OysterQuartz Ref 17013

A Patek Rolex?
What is a Patek Rolex?
I am not talking about a FrankenWatch! That is not Double name Rolex or Double name Patek Philippe!

As all we know Rolex’s service charges is one of the most reasonable amongst those Swiss Luxury  brands PP, AP, VC, Cartier and Piaget...etc

Somehow some part of the world has changed as friend of mine had has recently crushed on Rolex Oyster Quartz.
He had had a Day Date OysterQuartz ref 19018, and he has purchased a  two tone Oyster Quartz Ref 17013 with HKD$18,000.

This is his habit to restore his watch to tip-top condition for all the purchases.

Like us, after the watch is serviced to best condition we can, then we start to search all the accessories such as original box,  manual, tag, calendar, warranty card holder under the same years the watch was sold to make a full set.

So as usual, for every watch he buys, he used to send to RVC to make a complete service.

After waiting three weeks anxiously like ants on the wok, this is the quotation he got from RVC.
Case and Crown $9,750 (steel)
Bracelet $27,000 (Two Tone)
Bezel $7,500 (18KT gold)
Case back $760 (steel)
Sapphire Crystal $970 
Service  charge $8,270  (cleaning and lubrication on the Movement, battery Changes , may be they give you Maxwell battery Cell known to be the best Quality!)

The above is recommendation from Rolex for his watch to be upgraded with the new parts.
The total charges is $54,250!

The about price is for replacement while your orginal parts will be confiscated.

Total Cost of such a NEW OysterQuartz  becomes $72,250  so that is why I call this Patek Rolex!
I am thinking if I send my Day Date Ref 19018 Birch dial to service, I may receive a quotation of $200,000!

May be you don't know, the price of Rolex OysterQuarzt part is astonishing, one section of the 18KT yellow gold bracelet link is HKD$7,500, a full length has 23 Pcs, that is a total price of HKD$172,500!

That is price of a NEW OysterQuartz Yellow Gold bracelet…
Now you know what Patek-Rolex I am talking about!! 

Rolex Day Date 18KT Solid gold Ref 19028 Pyramid

Can we see how beautiful the condition of this watch is?

Full Length Bracelet

Attached is a excellent Plus Ref 19028 Pyramid in 18KT gold, super rare OysterQuartz.

Asking HKD$77,000 in original OysterQuartz Wooden box.

HK Snob

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