Sunday, February 15, 2015

Service Charge of a Swiss Prestige Watch

This watch Company was established in 1839,
They produce now about 45,000 watches a year.
Entry level is HK$84,000  for a lady model up to $2.7M as on the price book… special model is not listed here.

This is the Service Charge for their watch:

Battery Change $1,000
Standard maintenance fee for Quartz watch $4,550
Standard maintenance fee for manual wind watch $5,800
Standard maintenance fee for automatic watch $6,650
Primary complicated Watch Maintenance fee $8,750
Secondary Complicated Watch maintenance fee $12,500
Triple Complication watch maintenance fee $ TBA
Watch over 20 years of usage maintenance fee $ TBA
Inspection fee $1,000
Archive check on watch $900
Some of the complication watch may have to be serviced in Switzerland $TBA
Polishing case (all model) $1,000
Polishing Case and Bracelet (all model) $2,000
Nautilus Case $1,400
Nautilus and Bracelet $2,800

The Above price is in HK Dollar, purely for your refernece only, exact price will be quoted by Patek Philippe

Service Duration 2 months to 1 year.
HK Snob


JTK said...

A battery change for a PP, $1000 HKD.
A service/overhaul for my vintage automatic Omega, $160.00 CAD (less than $1000 HKD).

HK Snob said...

PP is a prestige watch....:(
a prestige service charge...!

HK Snob

JTK said...


$1000 HKD for a BATTERY ONLY, not a mechanical watch overhaul service; probably takes a watchmaker 5 min. to open up the watch and install it. Any watchmaker can do that, no PP technician required. You and I can probably do it.
So the question is, what kind of battery does PP use? Is it of such premium quality that it should cost more than a mechanical service that takes several days?

HK Snob said...

Yes, probably that is the prestige imgae of a Watch,
I had a BMW318ISA beofre, it could go crazy to stop all the Electrical Power and Engine running on high way, It shocked me when I had this experience as my first car.
I went to BMW Workshop, they said I had to change a new Computer box with HKD$30,000! I wenr to the Tsuen Mun Street BMW repair shop, they took out a Screw Driver like Tool with BMW logo on top of it and aimed at one hole of the engine compartment and "Press" one time, he said to reset the Computer mother board, DONE... and it was Free!

Same case for this Watch, they have to trigger a repair slip, they have to enter the computer to check the record, they have to store up your watch, and assign one technican to Open the watch, remove the "Battery" check the voltage of the battery to confirm it is of low battery.
then take a new battery Cell "Maxwell? clean the two electronde with linth free cloth to remove any grease. insert into the battery compartment, add silicone on the O-ring of the back cover. Then proper close up the cover with a special tool, then put the watch on Time Checking and make sure it works without any problem for one day or two.
That should be the proper way to treat a precision Quartz watch. then pass to the outgoing stage to make record and call its client to collect it. Well, HKD$1,000 is about the price...

JTK, yes , this is the normal process, but if We do it ourselves, it may take no more than 10 Minutes. Cost should be about 15 dollars for maxwell battery

HK Snob