Friday, February 13, 2015

Don't Miss the boat!

 Patek Philippe Ref 5711-1A

Many people were surprise about 20% price reduction for a Swiss prestige watch company wasn’t common in the past.

Base on what we know that PP isn’t that insane, well, knowing that HK is one of the World largest hub for PP official and grey dealers. There is an estimated HKD$490M worth PP Stock., assuming an average price of HKD$200,000  that may have a number of 2,450 watches…it is a lot as PP produces thousands of watches a year.

So treat this as a Special Offer from PP, if you want to buy a PP, it is a great opportunity to buy Now!

For your reference, PP will have such a price adjustment on the following countries:

Switzerland Decrease by 5%
EUR Countries Increase by 7%
Great Britain unchanged
Asia-Pacific decrease by 3%
Hong Kong decrease by 7%
Japan increase by 5%
Americas  decreased by 7%

And I think PP is using this to Clear off the existing stock of the grey dealers, makes them unsalable, offset their profit margin to zero or even negative percentage.

90% of HK grey dealer PP is from Europe, 7% price of increase will block the grey dealer watch import from some of these countries like Italy, or at least reduce their profitable margin. 

We don't feel surprise that PP will likely increase big percentage the price sometime later or on June 1 2015!

Let’s Watch out.

NYC Biochemistry PhD student bought with USD$26,000 (HKD$202,020) at PP AD.

If a PP 5711-1A was HK$220,000  before 10 Feb, the new price is HK$ 172,800 now.

HK Snob


Ab said...

Hi, do you know how much are 5175a in hk? Is there any further discounts? Thanks!

HK Snob said...

PP does not carry this Model!
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hi, what is your opinion of what will happen by june? patek will increase, decrease the price or stays the same, reason is I am interested in 5130 platinum or 5131 J, btw are these application piece? thanks

HK Snob said...

PP will likely INCREASE after sometime with certain percentage.

5130 P $423,700
5130J $293,500
These are official List price in HKD!

HK Snob