Saturday, February 28, 2015

Watch Fever Club Hi Tea

Daytona, Roger Dubuis, Oyster Quartz Pyramid, Tiffany Bamboo 14KT Pen, Yacht Master II WHITE GOLD 116689, SeaDweller Ref 116600. Tudor on Top.

Thanks for All watch Collectors to share.
See you week after next as i will go Osaka for
Rolex window shopping next week.

HK Snob


Jacob Alpha said...

Very nice collection of watches...

Time to invest in a good camera?

HK Snob said...

Hi jacob, I collect Camera too, but I really lost the way on how to collect a camera due to changing digital format.
I used to have a few Leicas M6, Minizoom and Haselblad 500CM 503CX.

But now I may like to go for a handy Leica M9!? Is that a good valued Camera for casual Shooting?

HK Snob