Sunday, February 8, 2015

Three Iconic Stainless Steel watches with Blue Dial that you may need to wait for months

What kind of watch that you may not able to buy even you have money!?

Well, these are three of them:

Patek Philippe Nautilius Ref 5711-1A Blue Dial or grey dial.

It has been discontinued,  I should say super rare though is still in the PP price book with List price HKD$220,000 as of today.

Someone who waits 8 months and 3 years in Hong Kong and New York respectively. 

Audemars Piguet Ref 15202ST Blue Dial 39mm 1972 Drop logo "AP" Retro.

The Logo AP is situated at 6' oclock position
List price $178,000

Ademars Piguet Ref 15400 ST Blue Dial 41mm
List Price $140,000

Each of them carry a story and I believe most of the watch collectors may have at least one or more than one fo the above watches.

HK Snob

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Anonymous said...

Is it certain that the 5711/1a is to be discontinued? I have not been able to verify this with our local retailers in Australia.