Monday, February 16, 2015

Rolex sale

Rolex :

Ref 116660 Deep Sea D blue Official $91,000 cash.
Ref 116660 Deep Sea Black $73,000
Ref 116610LN Submariner Date $55,000
Ref 116610LV Submariner Hulk $65,500
Ref 116713 Submariner Two Tone $75,000
Ref 116710 BLNR GMT Master II Blue Black $65,000

All in Cash HKD

HK snob


Anonymous said...

Dear HK Snob, can you please advise if there will be submariner no date available and how much is it? Thanks! Stanley

HK Snob said...

hi Stanley,
Brand new complete set NET $52,800 using card.
HK Snob

Jimmy Wongso said...

Hi HK Snob, may I know the price of 116333-bkro and 116613LN in HongKong?
And by the way, is the price difference between the 116660 black and DBlue that much?
Thanks in advance

HK Snob said...

Official Rolex price 116660 black or D blue is same at HK$90,500
Parallel Import could be different: D blue $91,000 for D blue and $74,000 for black.

116333BKRO OFFICIAL Rolex MSRP $84,100.
116613LN MSRP $94700.
official Rolex discount is less 5%.

hk snob