Saturday, July 19, 2014

There is another bad trade of Rolex Purchase in HK.

Recently there is a foreigner coming to HK to Buy a Pre-owned Rolex SeaDweller 16600.
It comes with Original paper.

That must be done in a hurry as obviously to me, we could tell that was something wrong at site!

Later this friend talked to me that what he bought was a Franken Watch. The Watch itself is Sea Dweller 16600 and the S/N is matching with the Warranty paper, but the Stainless steel bracelet is 93250 is not the right 93160.

Since this is a new found cases and I cannot comment too much when there are still talking on the internet.

Sometimes when we buy watch, does not matter to check carefully, and if you are hurry, please don’t buy as there may be a chance you still can buy a Franken watch in HK.

Nevertheless, there is a lot to learn, and of course, we can always buys a SeaDweller bracelet, but it might be cheap too, and it hurts the feeling of the one paid that amount of money for the complete Set of genuine Rolex Watch.

That is WHY I always talk to Friends to buy in some Shop that it CLAIMs, “ Full return if you find the goods is not genuine!” !!  if that Invoice does not state that quote, and they have no practice to full refund to you at all.

Let's see how we can help this friend.
HK Snob
HK Watch Fever


Yan said...

I'm going to buy a pre-owned Rolex in Mongkok. The shop said it is genuine.

How do I know all the components, including bracelet, bezel, dial and the mechanical are genuine and ORIGINAL?

What should I put down on the receipt to make sure the watch can pass the inspection in 14/F?


HK Snob said...

Hi Yan
Everything should be made before you leave the shop.

What is important is when you buy, you should scrutinize under Magnifying glass to ensure the things you can see is genuine.
Afterwards, what can you do.

That is the risk you buy watch from pre-owned watch shop.

And even sometimes I beleive 14/Fl would make mistake on Checking.
What can you do, sue Rolex!?

What is critical is that when we have queries, Don't Buy.

What else we can do!?

HK Snob