Friday, July 4, 2014

Memorigin launches the latest Transformer 4 Turbillon Watches Limited Edition

A collaboration between Memorigin and Hasbro, Memorigin has launched a promotion for their new Transformer 4 Tourbillons: Optimus Prime and the Bumblebee Edition, on 26 June, same time Transformer 4 "Age of Extinction" is shown.

This has made this HK base watch Brand a tradition of Launching special Watches like Swatch 1989, Montblanc 1991 for their limited Fountain Pen and recent Panera's limited strategy. They all work out temptation for people to buy, appreciate.  How about Memorigin?

Memorigin has already launched a Batman, Bruce Lee and a Superman Tourbillon special watches, the response is avergae but no surprise, but I look at this Transformer 4....

I really Like it. It carries a look of Konami Busou Shinki, a beautiful decorated Turbillon with Skeleton Memorigin Logo, the Bumblebee Yellow with matted Titannium bezel linked with yellow matching leather strap, it is beautiful!

Memorigin has found a direction on his Turbillon Watches.

Price yet known to me, but will check as I used to get less 40% Discount on this brand at their retails link. I might feel a bit proud if I had one on my left wrist as this is a Turbillion Watch made in Hong Kong!

HK Snob 
William Lam established the Memorigin in 2010 with help of his father who runs a Movement Factory in HangZhou.

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