Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why there is NO printing on this Rolex 18038 Matt Dial?

Errors, Freaks or Oddities? Why no Printing on this Rolex Matt Dial?

No, this is Original faded Printing of 18038

Watch Dial can take up 50% of the watch of a Rolex if that is a rare or oddity

This is 18038 with natural fading printing after decades, it might be due to the paints composite was of experimental formula. Or paint was made with new formula or expired date, that would be found to have this after 20 years… Even small bubbles could be found over the matt dial.

The watch is eye-catching and it looks like we can see the Rolex Corona only, but there are all complete printing are there, just the colour is so light only.

Big, Fat, un-polished case, sapphire crystal, auto, an item that is extremely hard to be found.


Watch Was sold 23 July 2014
HK Snob
Watch Fever


Anonymous said...

Hi Fever. This lovely Baby is Delicious!!! How U fine it? Thank for sharing!

HK Snob said...

This is a watch that belongs to Paul Wat, who has it...
A lovely baby
HK Snob