Sunday, July 6, 2014

週日發噏風, there is no place like HOME!

Thailand is used to be HK people favourite place to relaxation, shopping, SPA and sea side activities. there is political uncertainty that stop HK people to go there.

Korea, There is serious ferry accident, I believe you will not take ferry or boat tour there in Korea, except you are really need to make a quick change by their renown Plastic surgeon on your nose and face!?

Japan, March 11 2011 radiation effect persists, ¼ of my known friends claim he will never go Japan again as Radiation stay decade there…

Vietnam, I believe no Chinese would like to go as they have riot and had made damages to Properties of the Chinese.

Philippines, one of best places for diving, sea excursion and resort, Due to tension of the waters dispute with China.All Tours are cancelled, only individual would visit Philippines.

Malaysia, used to be a Muslim Country, there are two Chinese been kidnapped in a month at Sabah, who dare to go?

India, Women of HK likely will not go there, they have series of raping on British, American, and local India women, No exception for HK woman…I believe unless you are really a Mo Ye Cha "武夜义"。

Taiwan Recent Train station killing, a man killed 4 persons in less than ½ minutes… who dare to go?

Indonesian woman was not much better than Indian, there had a case of raping, killed and then mutilated her, the video sent from local Police…

Where can we go in Asia?!  Yes, still there is Singapore and China… and most of us should go back China to spend the money….

Australia, a local woman is suspected to be a racist to a Local HK lady seen on internet…why a Chinese HK lady has to be insulted by the White people!? Not long ago, another HK lady was attacked and killed at Australia safe? I doubt.

South Africa, two Shan Dong man and woman aged 47 and 45 respectively were shot dead by AK47 by a group of mobsters yesterday.

Simply stay in HK going Lantao island, Phoenix Hill, or going up the Peak, or Shopping at Nathan Road, Lady’s Street have a Hi-team at Peninsular Hotel Lobby, then take a ferry go to Central buying Rolex at Pacific Place or Causeway Bay.

Go to Shenzhen make a series of Foot massage, go to the best restaurant for your favour cuisine, go to buy somehting at Lo Wo Commercial centre on the way you come back HK... the moeny spent is more worthwhile as you do in other countries and has risk. Also this encourage local spending.

Or Simply take a A380 First Class going Singapore, take the Bah Koo Teh, then going to Hour Glass for Watch Shopping, watch a Movie at Shaw Cinema, going to The Orchard Tower to see Ah Gua!
What Fun…

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