Saturday, July 5, 2014

The City is Dying!?

“This city is dying, you know? Said by Joe Junior, who is of Chinese-Portuguese ancestry, pronounced the dead of this mixed ancestry city. I seldom touch on sensitive pieces of topics, but what I am trying to say China is doing the proper way and it will not let the city goes into state of “Dying!”

Well, Hong Kong has its own characteristics and its way of dynamic life, “grass root people" is working hard or they will starve!
HK is now having just 3% un-employment rate. Still most of the people cannot enjoy the fruit of the prosperity, rich people gets richer and greedier… Executives salary is getting higher and higher over the years whilst the junior staff is facing salary freezing or reduction.

That is why many people comes into the street to protest, filibustering, throwing banana, paper coffin, empty water bottles during meeting of senates…. Hong Kong, a place that is been going into more complicated political chaos in the recent years, when will it come into an end?

Lets not talk about this topics that shoots up my blood pressure to 170/120.
Take a tram tour going out to HK Island from West to East, it is just $2.2. You could possible seeing a lot of good side of the city, neon lights (replacing gradually by LEDs), countless Rolex shops you can see at Central, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. Stop by Johnston Road Chee Kee for a bowl of Wanton Noodles, charge up yourself before next shopping at Time Square….

Get a few bottles of beer with your good friends at the Wan Chai local restaurants, it does not need to be in the Celebrity’s Restaurant as I bet no one will serve me being a cheap Kong Tsaan.

Enjoy the fantastic window shopping at the World’s largest Selection of Watches along Nathan Road or Tsim Shat Tsui and get into those familiar shops I used to go at Ap Liu Street, I think there is no place the same in other part of the World, though the smell is not presentable at Ap Liu Street but that is the HK local Favour, Like Stinky Dou Fu, if you likes it, it is delicious!
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