Friday, January 10, 2014

Hot Topics 2013

Amongst watch collectors through gathering, seems Ref 1803 is the hottest topics. Well of course,  friends would be also in similar age 40-55, that is the age that we tend  to crush for such a great watch.

Beside, still there are a few chaps want to find this Date Just with black onyx dial including two young ladies.  I want one too as I felt regret right next day after I sold mine!

Day Date White gold White Gold with Brown dial, a watch that I miss to buy.

Do they look alike!? OysterQuartz and AP Royal Oak 1972?

A white gold Ref 19019 Day Date OysterQuartz made in less than 400 pcs. A sturdy, strong beautiful watch that was receiving bad mouth of stealing the design of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 1972  : (

As for the Ref 116710BLNR, yes hot topics in Q4 2013 but that is a new watch with unlimited supply. I can tolerate the trick of Rolex sales strategy to create a short supply under huge demand… It will be having discount soon! No Worry!

How is the 2014? well, what model of Rolex Will be launched? Watch out at Basel2014!
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