Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Is a Rolex Day Date Ref 1803 An Old watch for Old man!?

A Rolex Ref 1803 White Gold Day Date in Excellent Plus Condition
Price is likely below HKD$47,000!

An Rolex Day Date current 2013 White Gold Model. It is Pricey!

Day Date Ref 1803
Someone thinks that Rolex Ref 1803 Day Date is not just an old Watch, moreover, that is a watch for Old Man! That may not be wrong as …We know that Day Date Ref 1803 is one of the best watches ever built in 56s-70s.  Day date is made only with “Gold!” no Stainless steel Day Date!

Young Chinese does think Gold is a symbol of money-minded, an icon of Wealth, Shinny, showy, high profile image!

Many Hong Kong Chinese has is a psychological barrier to use something look “Gold” if you are not really rich… Mainlander Tu Hao is an exception….They buy Painting, Stamps, Watches, Antique whatever is expensive could be treated as an Investment.

That is why I  think that there is approximately 99% of HK man aged between 20-30 is wearing stainless steel (or White Gold at most) watches.

There may be about 3% of the man aged between 30-40 wear Gold Colour Gold plated watch.

May be 8% of the men aged between 40-55 uses gold watch including gold plated watch.

After people get aged above 60s, many of them would prefer White Colour stuff again: richer one might go for Platinum or White Gold watches.

There is no solid statistical data to support the saying, those are an estimated percentage from friends I know and observations in Hong Kong.

As for myself, I am now more eager to get a White gold or Platinum watch (If I can afford…) rather than yellow gold.

If I can choose, Platinum, White gold, Pink Gold, Yellow gold, stainless steel.
using DLC, Plastic, Silicon Rubber Fibre–composite, Ceramic as for the watch case material is not my cup of tea unless the watch is below HKD$10,000

Price of a Day Date
There is still a large number of Day Date now I the pre-owned watch market as this is one of the most durable watch on Earth, it lasts almost forever…

As three Day Date in the 60s could possible buy a small Home of 600 Square feet in Kowloon Area.

Day Date was an expensive watch so as now. People would use it with extreme care. Thank god that there are still chance to get the excellent Condition one, Mint one may be a bit hard to get, it is in some collectors’ drawers.

Look at the new 2013 Rolex Day Date that comes with Six colour, Price is HKD$176,000. Even you get VIP discount off 14% today. Still I possibly could by 3.5 pieces of yellow gold 1803, or 2.5 pieces of White Gold 1803. That may be Good enough to buy One excellent Plus 1803 with coloured-dial!

That is fun for Watch Collection, again Ref 1803 is under-valued.

Rolex 1803 is like Drugs, once you have tried to get one, you will be POSIONED!  

As Rolex Says "it is not just tell time, it tells History!!" Ref 1803 is probably has the best History to tell....

HK Snob
Watch Fever
A big Fan for Rolex Ref 1803


Anonymous said...

Very Noble Class anb Value Day-Date 1803, ROLEX was a Great wristwatch!

HK Snob said...

Yes, just my pocket has not enough to buy more!

Unknown said...

Love the 1803. I just got my first one (bought from Paul) last month. Now I want to get more!

HK Snob said...

Haha, you are not the first one!
Many of us had a chanced to be poisoned by Rolex Ref 1803.
Just another HKer Tommy had been poisoned by me and he is looking at the White Gold Ref 1803 now.
Well, all we know, Paul runs a
Opium house and once we get inside, we will get not runs aways from the magic of 1803.

Now I have to work hard to earn more for buying Drugs-1803!


HK Snob