Saturday, January 25, 2014

Start to Search for the first 100 Pieces of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 39mm Jumbo.

An interesting article about more first AP RO Jumbo

Love to see this DAP 1977 AP RO

A 1970s Royal Oak Owned By Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez AND Signed By Bulgari: This Is A Special One

This is No. 68, a WF Friend sent his watch picture to me

No. 64

This is No. 64, I picked up at Ebay , watch sold but no price was mentioned

Can We find out the location of all the first 100 Pieces of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 18KT solid Gold 39mm Jumbo!?
This is an AP RO 1972 with S/N. 68, Mine is S/N. 7X.
Well they can be said built under the same batch of ten!

Amazingly this watch owner is also a AP RO Fan like I, when he comes HK, we shall meet and take pictures with two watches placed together side by side and show you.

This watch has been cleaned believed as the 8 screws on bezel has been randomly positioned. But this is just very small issues to the Audemars Piguet Watchsmith!

This watch owner bought it with USD$20,000!
I am waiting the chance to meet this watch Owner!! 
Could I start a facebook to search the rest 98 pieces?

Good idea? If you have this watch please try to send me picture and make a collection of this!

Or to establish a First 100 Pices APRO FAN CLUB.

I speculate that by time 2022, this watch will have its 50th anniversay, where we could get a high auction price of USD$80,000 for a excellent condition APRO 39mm Jumbo.

it is time to buy when you have spotted a good one in the market, help to send me pictures of yours if you have One...

Another lousy part of it, my "wife" had hijacked mine and keep it in her safe deposit box!  As sooner she read my blog, sooner she know the price...!  : (
please see that the Serial number is 151 with 1977, this watch was opened to market in 1972, I believe that they are really made in very smaller number, Might be just 30 Pieces a year, so these are the asisgned Serial Number, well, may be when the popularity was becoming higher, the number of unit will be more...

So I think that the number of Stainless steel is more than the number of Gold as the intention of creating this watch is to going into an image of SPORT. And I have seen three stainless steel verison in the pre-owned market for the past 6 years in HK but just one in 18KT gold.

1972 S/N 000-030
1973 S/N 031-060
1974 S/N 061-090
1975 S/N 091-120
1976 S/N 121-150
1977 S/N 151-180
1978 S/N ??
This is purely my guess and if you have a better information, pls share with me

Hk Watch fever
HK Snob

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