Friday, January 10, 2014

Watch Fever's Health Tips for Watcher 2014

Watch Fever Health Tips for Watchers 2014
Without good health, the most expensive watch is just a watch in the Safe, not on your wrist!

Health Tips
Nothing new, just got the latest studies about how to be a bit healthier without strengeous workout for city runners like I.  Some of them you may not know or I had previously ignored.

Food health
No can food, no soft drinks, no Cha Siu (barbeque pork), no roasted goose, as we all know can food has preservative and roasted pork contains burnt carbon.  Once in a while should be Alright.

Fasting may be the best way to reduce weight and keep you slim and healthy

Wine Lovers
I talked to a French wire expert recently, all red wine need sulphiltes to balance the wine, just that Australia need to indicate in the label while French no need.

Egg Yolks?
Egg yolks is more nutritious that egg white, there is no proven medical document saying that egg yolks is related to cholesterol level, eat only good quality egg with reddish yellow yolk.  No Chinese fake eggs, please!

When we should sleep?
We must sleep before 2300! As 2300-0300 is the time your body especially Liver has to do his job to filter off the toxic substance. Actually after 0300, you could wake up and work.

Marathon Run 42KM is not healthy to human body system unless you are doing running  every day, the proper range of Hiking is at best about 10-14Km a day, if more than that, it is just like mechanical wear and tear of an engine with low lubricants, it hurts!

Running Trail Walker 100Km is a torture to your body and knee joint, and after that you may need to sleep well for 3 months to fully recover to the state before. So It is not recommended for people especially age with >50s as we are slow in recovering. I had stopped running Trail Walker since 2010 after 10 attempts. My record was 22 hours 14 minutes. That is a good record for short legs!

Chair the Killer
Chair is the killer, do not sit more than 1 hour, take a rest, walk a bit, stretch a bit and come back.

Eye Care
Your Lousy LCD Display is the eye killer, take a rest every 20 Minutes. You will agree what I am saying when you are 50, when we are young, nothing bothers us.

3 Minutes Exercise a week?
3 Minutes exercise a week to replace going Gym!
Push-up with the maximum speed and strength you could for 20 seconds, make it three rounds a day as a course, I need probably three courses a week. No sweat, no pain! The most efficient and time saving exercise for you! Like it!? Consult physician if you have heart diseases and history of stroke.

Going gym is for body building, my exercise works for health.

3 times going Rest room a day?
Going toilet 3 times a day is normal, less than three times a day is classified a medical symptom of mild Constipation. You must beware! 95% of HK Chinese believes once per day is good enough…
Sorry I have to stop here as I need to going Toilet now!

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