Monday, April 23, 2012

Vacheron Constantin Overseas

My understanding of Vacheron Constantin in HK.

Constantin is the name of what we were told the most expensive watch, elegant watch for rich people to wear in the 80’s.

I still recall there is the Whole Page advertisement on Shing Po at that time for Vacheron Constantin
What they said is hand made, very small number of production and not so man people who can afford to buy, because it is expensive!

That was true, in that period of time like 1970, a Monthly income for a Report in Shing Po was just HKD$250, whereas a Vacheron  Constantin was asking about HKD$4,000  that is two years salary!

In the movie on 1988, Chan Ho Nam is the causeway bay gangster head and Leng Kwan (acted by Ng Chun Yu) was his opponent in the same gang,, I still remembered Mother of Leng Kwan (Hai Ping) asked his son to buy a Vacheron Constantin watch for her…

The Hong Kong Cantonese pronunciation of  Vacheron Constantin is “Kong Si Dan Ton” In 1990, some of the movie script describes the mainland Chinese Called Vacheron Constantin as “Ro Si Dan Ton”

Also there are not so many shop displayed this Watch, thus this make this watch even farther more mysterious and far way from my pocket could afford.

Soon I met a watch lover show had two brands he loved, Rolex Oyster and Vacheron Constantin, he used worn the Model 222 for many years, and that was a beautiful  Automatic Watch

Well, here I show two, Overseas Vacheron Constantin…

Both are original stainless, one with Champagne Dial and diamond bezel and the other with Black Dial and no diamond..

This is some what the basic but the Flag ship model of Vacheron Constantin…

I love more on the Black dial stainless steel…

HK Snob

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