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Rolex Watch and Mandarin Yellow DouFold Parker

Gold is deeply rooted in the psyche of the Chinese people. Stemming from a powerful mix of cultural, social and economic associations is relevance has been augmented by the country’s experience of totalitarian government. Gold is considered a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in China.  Chinese by all means used to increase and preserve one’s family’s wealth through the generations of Gold saving.

Thousand years ago, and Palace is actually decorated with layer of gold.
And the Royal Clothe of the emperor is printed with dragon in yellow colour, symbol of  Gold…and no civilians is allowed to wear the colour of clothe in Yellow Colour, or will be killed.

Till today, the Chinese still has  strong sense to be more preferred to yellow gold than white gold, or the Precious Platinum.
Note that 60% of Rolex was imported to HK and China, and Amongst them 85% is Yellow gold, and in Rolex AD shops of HK, the Day Date is almost 90% n Yellow gold, some even 100%, lately the Chinese taste changes towards accepting Pink Gold as a replacement of yellow gold. But White Gold is definitely not their first Choice…As at least I have not seen many mainland Chinese wears White Gold Rolex at all in HK.

Hong Kong people has this implication since the 70’s, White gold Rolex mean “Doing or nothing”, or “ No yield “ in the casino for gamblers. And even worse is “Blue Rolex” means “ Hard to earn a living” Who wants to wear a watch that has such be negative hidden meaning, especially the Chinese, no matter young and old! Of course, 90% people does not understand the different between Date just and Day Date, as Day Date is available in Gold Only. Who will appreciate a white colour watch “ White Rolex” that is not made of Yellow Gold.

White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, usually nickel, manganese or palladium. Like yellow gold, the purity of white gold is given in karats.And most of all the White Gold watch is more expensive than Yellow gold… as ‘there are some precious metal Iridium, Palladium in the White Gold…

Nowadays Rolex uses 18KT White gold for their Day Date, alloys which are mixed 1 8 parts gold to 6 parts alloy creates 18 karat, and so on. This is often expressed as the result of the ratio 18/24 is 0.750. That is why on the back of the watch body, it was stamped “750”.

However, as my preference for Rolex, the first choice, is Platinum, White Gold, Pink Gold, and Stainless steel. As White Rolex seems has a higher hidden value in plain outlook So called Low key. Well, sometimes, as The Chinese Says, we have to put some
Yellow Chi on the body… “ Chi” means “”.  So, once in a while, I use Yellow Gold Watch…

When China becomes Richer, and people tend to go for taste,, by 2020* , I believe more Middle class Chinese will think of a 20th Century good quality Day Date would be a icon of a good taste. So It is time to keep some good quality Gold Day Date now… as today is not popular and is scarce, meaning that it will be very expensive after 10 -20 years.

Mandarin Yellow or Chinese Yellow was the fifth color introduced on the Duofold after Chinese Lacquer Red, Black, Jade Green, and Lapis Lazuli, making its debut in 1927.
It was sold with $7.0. in 1928. 
But now it becomes every  pen collectors’ holy grail pen valued USD$7,000.00 or more for mint one.. The Colour indicates the Chinese Gold Colour... that is one of the reason this pen is priciest.!

HK Snob

PS* According to BNP Paribas, and Goldman Sachs prediction, by 2025 China Economies will be same as US and by 2050, China will be 2X larger than US Economies.

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