Friday, April 6, 2012


After Men had successfully landed on Moon 1969, there are a lot of memorial products created as to celebrate this man kind breakthrough for space exploration, Parker made the first fountain pen T1 made by one piece of Titanium including the nib, the production yield was very low and very expensive and only 2,000 pieces were made.

Inspired by man’s conquest of the moon and the astronauts, Claude Lebet, owner of the Bulle based watch brand Catena asked Le Marquand to create a timepiece. Mr. Le Marquand provided him with his first wristwatch design called, what else, the "Spaceman".

Catena introduced the fleet at the Basel Fair of 1972. The large oval case appeared to be docked on your wrist held by a triple-forked Corfam strap by DuPont. The case also had a coned dome crystal half concealed by a coloured metal visor that allowed viewing of the dial to only the wearer. All hands and markers were perfectly seventies orange with models in a variety of colours only possible during that special decade. Is is power by T-25 at night.

The watches were powered by automatic and manual winding mechanical ETA movements and were distributed by a variety brands, among them Jules Jurgensen, Fortis, Tressa and Zeno. This is one of them… Automatic, Day Date! Production period is from 1972-1977, the one shown is made in 1973.
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