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Rolex Daytona and Waterman Patrician

Beautiful Life nominated the Most beautiful watches that includes Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date just lady presented in BaselWorld 2010. Framing a dials of different colors from gray to chocolate is fluted or domed bezel encrusted with 24 or 46 scintillating brilliants. At 6 o’clock is the gem-set Roman numeral hour marker. Fresh, refined and extremely elegant, these new Rolex ladies’ luxury models eloquently demonstrate the gracefully feminine style pursued by all ladies’ timepieces. Top Ten Watch UK nominated these watches as the top 10 Most Desirable watch available Today. Through open vote from the people that made these 10 beautiful time pieces ever made and dating back several decades.

1. Rolex Sea Dweller
2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph
3. Breitling Emergency
4. Panerai Radiomir 1936 Special Edition
5. Patek Philippe Calatrava
6. Rolex Cosmograph
7. Omega Seamaster "James Bond"
8. Rolex Submariner Non-Date
9. IWC Big Pilot
10. Audemars Piguet T3 - The Terminator
From these two website, we can see that out of these, Rolex plays a major role in terms of publicity, popularity, appearance, value and image… Being a Rolex Owner, you should be proud of the watch you are wearing. If you had all these watch , then you are one of the man, does not mean you are rich enough but have a good taste enough to match with tehse votes of the Website… Simply not simple!
Watch Critics March 2012 edition Alain Chung has a very good illustration of three beautiful Daytona. The Red. The Blue and Green.. Whereby the dial material is Grossular, Sodalite and Chalcedony respectively. Rolex has been the expert in employing natural gem to make the dial, and those watch value will appreciate once after the production is discontinued. Recent year Rolex seldom work on the special dial made of natural gem as that is not easy and expensive to prepare.
Imagine you have to choose the gem for the even colour, inspection for no micro crack, the gem will be lapped to a thickness 0.4 mm approximately. then screen printing on it.. Laser cut holes and opening, insert the index. It may take 30 processes in order to make one, every process make have certain yield loss. Amongst 00 Pieces of the dials, there may be only 30 pieces is acceepted for use!
And that take a lot of time, effort, skill to achieve that, I can say some time the dial costs 30% of the cost of the whole watch.

Whilst when I search for my vintage fountain pen, the Waterman Patrician has the similar colour and likewise the Charisma…
When Waterman was losing ground to the other big three (Parker, Schaeffer, and Eversharp in 1926, They invested in the design of a new Art Deco Pen Patrician which was then launched in 1929, Entirely made of Celluloid and with a solid gold emblem, a fine big nib, the colour is magnificent. The Turquoise was one of the most beautiful pens 20 Century made. And has been top of the dream pen for Collectors.
Look at these Daytona, and Patrician, they have the similarity… Size is Big, colour is absolutely eye-catching, hand made, The Celluloid tae 5 months to settle before they can put it on the machine to chase. It takes 162 process step to make Rolex Oyster Case.
Price is High, a Patrician was selling at USD$10.00 in 1929. These Three Rolex Daytona will not selling less than 1 Million HK dollar. In my opinion, they are still the most beautiful watch money can buy. And there will be only 200 pieces only for each colour.
In term of personal perference, I like Blue (turquoise the most, then Red (the Ripple Red only in prototype) and Green (Emerald). Further more, Rolex would pursuit of the jewelery artistical excellence by carefully selection of proper colour and size of gemstones in cresating these Daytona.
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