Saturday, April 14, 2012

40 Years after its birth, Royal Oak Jumbo has a price!

It has been 40 years after the likely one of most beautiful watch design was created by Gerald Genta in 1972, with continuously applause of such beautiful Watch by watch lovers all over the World, a new Memorial Royal Oak design is created in 2012.

However, the original First Generation Royal Oak indicates that there is a group of die hard collectors looking for it. It is rare as AP produced only very small number of it to test the maket acceptance for the Exquisite Sport Watch as the first time.
Since the timeless 2120 movement was introduced in its Royal Oak case in 1972, with movement thickness of 3.05mm, one of the World’s thinnest mechanical Automatic movement, it provides the Hour, Minutes and Second, Date Display function. At the same time this movement Cal 2120 was being used later on Patek Philippe Nautilus 1976 and Vacheron Constantin Model 222.

The Calibre. 2120 was actually developed by Jaeguar Le Coutre. Now after 40 years, this first generation Royal Oak had appeared in Recent Auction with final bid of HKD$311,250!

Really this is a good start, I have a 18KT Solid gold one… Don’t know how much it values? It is Lower as Some one said than the Stainless steel version, but Someone said it is more expensive!. Well, needless to argue, there I have been seeing more than one time in HK market for Stainless steel Verison, one was In Champangne Court two years back, asking for HKD$59,000.00 as the condition was not too attractive! But the next day I went there, it was sold! The second time I saw it is in auction. I had a wonderful chance to get the Gold one. It is Numbered NO.XX!

It is rare too! It comes with the International Waranty booklet!

HK Snob

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