Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Price of pre-owned Rolex in Hong Kong.

According to What I have checked with major shop of Rolex in Mongkok and Sham Shui Po area.

This is roughly the price of it. All are in Hong Kong Dollars
Please note that the price is depending on the condition of the watch, whether there is original birth certificate, box, of the watch.

Here is a roughly range of price of the popular models:

Submariner Ref 116610LN New Watch is HKD$58995, pre-owned watch is HKD$30,000 – 53,000.00

Submariner Ref 16610LV Green Dial Green bezel New is HKD$66,100, pre-owned is HKD$66,000-68,000 with original Certificate and box.

DeepSea Ref 16600 New is HKD$78,735, pre-owned is HKD$50,000- 67,000.

Explorer II Ref 16570 Black dial new is dis-continued, pre-owned one is HKD$27,000-HKD$38,000 while white dial is still slightly lower in price than white with same watch condition.

Explorer I Ref 214270 new at HKD$43,605, pre-owned one is about HKD$21,050- HKD$26,000

Daytona Stainless steel black dial Ref 116520BL new at HKD$87,500, pre-owned one is about HKD$71,.000 to HKD$85,800

Daytona Stainless steel While dial ref 116520 pre-owned price between HKD$72,500- HKD$78,000.

Yacht master 40 mm Ref 16622 new at HKD$83,125, pre-owned one is about HKD$52,000 to HKD$63,000.00

You can see the price of stainless steel Rolex is highest for Daytona, followed by DeepSea, Yacht Master, Submariner II, Black then white, Explorer I.

This is a price reference for you only. There is no idea on telling you what is best in buying in the pre-owned watch market in HK. I have seen some of the watch is selling actually almost the same price as new watch in Rolex AD. Why I have to buy in these second hand market for an used watch with such a high price!?

Also, do not forget to negotiate and some time when you keep on asking, they can allow some discount on the price for you but not much, usually it is about 3%-5% more maximum.

But one thing, you should take some times finding more shops before you buy it.
And Don't think the seller is stupid in putting good watch at low price, as old Chinese said, “There is no such big toad jumping on the road”

Happy Go Shopping Rolex….

Sham Shui Po Snob


30 Something said...

Hi there HK Snob, great blog! I am very new to watches and i am starting on Rolex. Do you have any idea why the price for new and pre-owned 216570 has such a big difference? The second hand price is like 40% off the brand new price.

HK Snob said...

Hi 30 Something,
Well, Explorer II is one of the most popular Rolex Model in HK.
You can easily find at least 20 pieces at Kuen Kee and 10 or more in Luen Shing! Quantity will hold up the price, and the new Explorer II 42mm is on sales for more than 4 months, the used watch market price will not be as high as Submariner or GMT Master.
The New watch is HK$60,500 beofre 5% discount, And used one is really able to e found at about less 40% from HKD$36,000 to ,HKD$48,000
Of course condition will determine the final price.
You can go and see, you may find a good one at resonable price.
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hi HK Snob, where can I find a good preowned subC 116610 LV (green bezel and dial) in Hongkong and what would be the price range, more or less? Thanks for any information.

Anonymous said...

Hi Snob, Love your posts. I am looking for a Daytona pre-owned. Which year is the best and i should be buying? I have seen some 2009 & 2011, they are all less than market asking prices of around 5-10%. Should i go for it? I am in the UK.

kind regards,

HK Snob said...

Hi Andy
If you are buying for use, go for new 2009-2011, yes they are tough in price. If you want to buy for collection, the A series year 2000. But they are quite expensive.
is that difficult to get in UK?
New HK is $94,000 cash, Gray dealer one is HKD$91,500 for Black.
HK Snob