Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tiffany Watch Thoughts and my Streamerica World Time

When I passed by Tiffany at HKIA, I had to go and watch around for their beautiful designed Articles, each of them are represented the best of the samples of the designs, no matter watches Diamonds, chain and Cuff Links…
I had been in love for Tiffany Cuff Links for many years, I had some of the dis-continued Cuff links, and they are just too beautiful to be used.
Watches… They are classic, sleek and neat design, traditional Watch for serious people who loves simple design at most.
When I saw this poster, I think of Christmas, it is the magic of Tiffany, every poster, picture was carefully selected and would give you the best seasonal thought what you should do in this season… Walk into the church with your beloved girl for marriage! hand in hand with snow falling on your head and shoulder. You seem do not feel cold as you are in Love….
I had a Tiffany Watch, it is a World time, and One of my friends saw it and he took it away and put HKD$10,000 on the table… OK! As he is my friend… who has a friend still in contact for after 40 years!??
This is Streamerica! My one is World Time, a Lovely watch… My picture was taken by a Nokia N97 mini Handphone so it is not too sharp at all. This is another I chopped out from the web, it looks much better!!
New York Snob

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