Monday, December 5, 2011

James Bond’s Watch

I have seen a lot of People using the Nylon watch strap to carry their Submariner, it is very causal, very stylists and seems a lot of Diver’s look for wearing the Submariner.
Interesting to find out that my movie Idol Sean Connery has been using this in 1961 in his James Bond films “Gold Finger and Thunder Ball” For years, watch enthusiasts have been using the “Bond NATO” nylon straps that bear very little resemblance to the strap used in the film. After the new Blue Ray and HD televisions, we ultimately realize that the real pattern used in the Watch Strap worn by Commander Bond is made by the Corvus Watch Company that offers the Real Bond Nato Watchband….However the Strap was 3 mm too narrow on Sean Connery’s Subamriner.
To make the REAL BOND NATO watchband, Corvus turned to Phoenix Straps in Wales, UK. Phoenix was the original supplier of nylon straps to the British Ministry of Defense. Thousands of British Army soldiers have worn watchbands made by Phoenix, the last watch strap manufacturer in the UK. Their webbing is made by a small mill in Scotland using vintage machinery, giving Corvus strap a unique feel, far superior to those created in other low cost manufacturing sites using high-speed looms.
In recent years, many of manufacturers around the world have made imitations of the original NATO “G10” military issue watchband. Sometimes these knockoffs are very cheap, I have seen that strap is about HKD$40.00 (US$5.00) in Sham Shui Po. And Canton Road North, but they are never better in quality.
If you want to use something original , something, Tough and durable, and Stylist, go for the Real Bond design with right colour and pattern
Do not spoil the image of James Bond, and the great Watch made by Rolex by put your USD$7,000 dollar watch on a Cheapo fake strap of USD$5.00!
Use a genuine Phoenix REAL BOND NATO strap, woven and assembled in the United Kingdom.
HK Snob

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