Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rolex Day Date President Ref 1807 Bark Finish Oman Crown

This is an very fine and Rare ROLEX Ref.1807. Made in 1974 for the "Oman Crown" Dial. Case & Bracelet in Mint condition, with London Import marks for 1974.
The present lot has case numbers and RWC LTD., ( the mark of ROLEX U.K. ) stamped in the case back, this was done for at the Request of the British Assay Office in Order to ensure that once a watch was Imported into the U.K., and the Duty paid.
The back could not be swapped to another watch to avoid Import Duty. This watch still retains its Original Rolex sticker on the case back. It is excellent proof that watches left the Rolex Factory with Double References.
HK Snob


wristwatchlover05 said...

Yummy!!! How much U looking for?

HK Snob said...

Hi Wristwatchlover05,
I am not the owner of this watch! I have been mouthwatering on this target, but I have short of cash as I just bought a Rolex Datejust for my wife. So If you wsnt to consider that you can mail to me...
This belongs to one of the most famous wstch dealers "Paul" in HK. Who can offer you at HKD$98,000. This is a MINT condition.
If you are interested, I can pass you his mail contact to you. So you can talk about it more. I am just a simple poor Watch Snobs!
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm interested in this 1807 and pls let me have "Paul"s email ?

Thnx, Ray

HK Snob said...

hi Ray,
I will forward you Paul's mail address, talk to him, he might sold it already, but never mind. He has a lot of connections in HK for some Rich and funny people who want to upgrade watch, wehereby you had a chance to get a good stuff!
HK Snob