Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aston Martin and the Rolex Submariner

A young lawyer was driving his new bought vintage Aston Martin DB5 to court, and planned to show off his new toy to his colleague and lawyers.
He did not notice a truck passing and knocked his door when he was trying to open the door, that driver accelerated and went away!
The lawyer was mad and angrily picked up the phone called the police.
When the police came, the lawyer shouted at him: I bought the new A.M. yesterday, it was destroyed by that damn truck. And he just went away!
The police looked at the lawyer surprisingly: “Are lawyers pay attention on fact and witnesses rather than any other more important personal things?”
“What do you mean?” The lawyer asked.
“You did not find that nothing below your arm? Your are severing your arm!” Policeman said hysterically loud!
The lawyer looked down and uttered a mournful cry, “Oh My God, I lost my Gold Rolex Submariner!”

HK Snob

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