Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Most Impotant Inventions of Breguet since 1775

These are the most important Breguet inventions since 1775.
1780 development of automatic watch
1783 invention of gong sponge for repeaters, design of the Breguet hands and numerals
1786 the Breguet dial, engine-turned by hand
1789 the ratchet key known as the "Breguet key".
Escapement working without oil.
1790 invention of the pare-chute (shock absorber)
1792 development and production of the mechanical forth Chappe optical telegraph.
1795 first description of the sympatique clocks.
Development of the perpetual calendar.
The Breguet balance wheel.
The ruby cylinder.
1796 the single-hand watch known as the " subscription watch".
1798 patent of the constant force escapement (March 9)
Invention of the musical chronometer, the clockwork mechanism that acts as a metronome.
1799 the "tact" watch,
1801 patent of the tourbillon regulator (June 26)
1810 development and production of the first wristwatch, ordered by the queen of Naples.
1812 appearance of dials with off-centered hour ring.
1815 fine-tuning of the double-barrelled marine chronometer.
1819 ocular of an astronomical telescope.
1820 invention of the mounter & doubles seconds or observation chronometer, forerunner of the modern chronograph.
1830 first watch with keyless winding.
1939 Patent of the sidereal time-keeper (February 28)
1990 the sympathize wristwatch and it's clock.
1991 patent of the perpetual equation-of-time wristwatch (April 17).
1997 patent of the in-line perpetual calendar wristwatch (May 15)
1998 the smallest self-winding chronograph movement In the world.
2002 patent for the moon-phase mechanism in the "Reine de Naples" watch.
2003 two patented inventions in the Breguet alarm watch "Reveil du Tsar":
A column-wheel mechanism to lock or activate the alarm and a device to co-ordinate the alarm with local time.2004 Titanium balance
2005 shock-protection device for balance pivot (tradition). Three patent for the new Breguet detent escapement. Centrifugal strike governor (Grand Strike. there iv>Note that bewteen 1830 to 1939, there had been no new design patent, inventions at all, I think that have been something, I may need to find out. Also, 50 years between 1939 and 1990, there was no inventions.Well, Today Breguet has been proud of the major designs: Automatic watch movement (1780) Perpetual Calendar (1795) and The Tourbillon (1801)!
Look at ths beautiful Breguet watch that has been built in the latest Micro CNC machining for the parts coming up to traditonal 1790 watch design. So this is Breguet, something that he can be proud of, and of course If I can wear a watch on my hand, that is something I can be proud of myself!

Remarks, the above picture was taken at HKIA arrival Hall, 23 Dec 2011 using my Nokia N97 mini with others.

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