Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rolex Ref. 1803 White Gold Brown Dial

A Fine and Very Rare ROLEX Ref.1803 18K White-Gold case & Bracelet. Brown colour Dial with Diamonds-set numbers. Ref. 1803 is one of my Favourite Rolex Date Day as they have the classical history. The Movement is a bit thinner than the latest revision. At that time 1956-1976, a Rolex Day Date is as expensive as a compact Japanese Car. Not easy for most of grass root people like my father to afford to buy. So the number of unit with Excellent condition left is little, with special Colour dial is even less. This watch is estimated as HKD$120,000. As simply, the colour is beautiful and the unit is un-polished at all.
HK Snob

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