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Shopping Technique for Pre-owned Rolex watch in HK.

Lately we had mentioned the precautions in buying used, pre-owned Rolex in HK.
We can see that a used Explorer II can have a price range from HKD$22,000 up to HKD$45,000.00 There is a wide range of price, and that we should take extreme care in the choice of the watch or you may buy a Cocktail Rolex.
Learning from Andy Tan that if the Rolex is not 100% genuine parts being installed on, there is not service support in Malaysia. Whereas in HK, the Rolex centre has a bigger tolerance on the degree of Cocktail parts.
As if in HK, if the movement, dial and the case is not genuine, they will not service, But they can accept for servicing if the Sapphire, the Strap lock pin, the Leather strap is not original, they will tell you before they consider to service it.
Of course there may be the case that they will charge more a bit and they will not normally have warranty on the water proof, ever all parts are original, they normally do not warranty on waterproof function.
When we buy a Rolex
We should take note on the Source, from who you buy from, Shops, dealer, or private owner. We should always buy fro a Trusted source, do not buy surprise –cheap Rolex as they might have problem. The watch might be a stolen One. It may give you a Great Nightmare!
If we buy, make sure we should buy from trusted Shops
The older shop is usually having high credibility.

They are always asking more if the Watch is pegged with Original Invoice, Waranty card, Boxex, booklet and original Shopping bag!
We should look what is being stated on the Invoice that usually indicate the extent for the warranty, and what if there is problem, how about servicing...
Check carefully on the watch for the degree of usage by checking the hand for scratches or oxidation, scratches mean they have been gome through a lot of service, especially by non-Rolex-Certified Technician.
Check if the case has been polished, some are not properly polished that will cause water leakage! A lightly scratched watch which has not been polished is always preferred that one looks so shinny and new but had been heavily polished, especially the Vintage Watch.
I will like to test the watch by either machine checking on the heart beats for accuracy.,
if they do not have, check for minimum 6 hours see how accuracy it is…within 6 hours There should not have any significant change in time. If that has 2 seconds of gaining, the watch may gain 12 seconds a day, that is out of the Specification of Rolex standard for Chronometers.
All my Rolex has a daily accuracy of not more than 3 second gaining or losing time,
That is the normal accuracy of a good Rolex.
When there are two Rolex which has the same exact Ref., Say Date Day Ref, 1803.
One has full genuine Case dial, bezel, Sapphire, Strap, Diamond Bezel and strap lock pin which comes in Plated Gold and Solid Gold. This watch may take you HKD$150,000
But if the Strap is not the original, it will be much cheaper as the Strap is almost 40% of the cost of the Whole Rolex.
If the Diamond bezel is not the original, it is about HKD$6,000, but if the diamond bezel is Original it is about HKD$30,000.00
If the Dial is not original its just a few hundred HK Dollars, but if the dial is Original Like a Ferrari Red Dial of a Date Day, they may ask for HKD$100,000.00!
If the Strap lock pin is original Solid Gold Pin, it is about HKD$3,000, but of that is a fake one, it is about $800 for Solid Gold one…
So you can see that two identical outlook watch of the same model may have a different price tag of HKD$120,000 and HKD$70,000!
So Don't be so happy when you buy a Cheap Rolex… there is always a rationale.
Buy the worst case is you spend HKD$120,000 for a cocktailed Rolex that is only able to sell in the open market for HKD$60,000.!
So if you do not know how to check by ocular Inspection., you had better go for the Rolex AD to buy a New Rolex
Sometimes there may be a chance that the price is below the market value If you know the things and Trick, that is why it is A GREAT Fun to buy the used Rolex!

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