Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where to Buy New Rolex Watch in Hong Kong?

A Singaporean Friend asked me where he should go for buying his Rolex in HK,,
This has been a hot topics for foreigner who do not understand too much about the shops selling Rolex in HK. I hereby put them here as to tell what are the difference between this and that shops.
These are the authorized Dealer of Rolex in Hong Kong.
Chow Sang Sang
Chow Tai Fook
Fung Leung Kee
King Fook
La Suisse Watch
Right Watch
Tai Hing
Times City
Times Watch
Wah Hing
As some of the Shops have a few branches, there are totally 74 shops in Hong Kong selling Rolex Watch, the watch are guaranteed genuine watches from Rolex.
As for the price, all goes with the SAME list price and almost they offer the same Discount of 4-5% depending on what model you are looking for. If the Hot item like Explorer II Orange, e now they do not offer discount at all.
The difference between those Jewelry shop like Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang and Pure Watch Shop like Oriental and Emperor is that the former one do not carry a Rolex service man stationing in the shop, but the later one has a station Watch smith to take care your Rolex. When you buy, you may request to have the watch health check for accuracy before you conclude your order. They usually offer some service for simple health Check for your watch, or even some repair.
That is the Difference between the shops.
Also in those Chow Tai Fook they are usually packed with Chinese People buying gold and jewelry. Where you those Oriental and Emperor, you may enjoy a quiet and decent environment for you to Choose the Rolex you want.

Nathand Road Snob


breamo said...

Thanks HK Snob, this is very useful and is exactly what I am looking for. It beats me why ROLEX don't put this information on their website????

Cheers Thomas

HK Snob said...

Hi Thomas,
Well, that is why I had a chance to write something here !

have a nice day!

HK Snob