Saturday, October 29, 2011

How Much the Accessories of your pre-owned Rolex Valued?!

Sometimes, the pre-owned Rolex can be more expensive than the new Rolex,, why as because that is discontinued, or those were limited production.
We have to go for shops buying these pre-owned or used Rolex Watches...
How to tell the value of the accessories?

This is purely a reference only
For example for Date Day
If the strap is not from Rolex… it value will be 1/3 of the original strap a Original pre-owned Rolex President strap is approx HKD$40,000. Whereas a local made Rolex Strap may cost about HKD$12,000
Original Box – HKD$500
Original Warranty certificate- HKD$1,000
Original Purchase invoice HKD$300
Rolex booklet and operation manual, HKD$500
Leather Passport holder HKD$500
Rolex Oyster Seal HKD$100
So a fully equipped Rolex may ask you for HKD$100,000
But purely a same Rolex without the accessories, come with local watch strap may just cost you. HKD$60,000 or less estimated…
Sometimes the Rolex Repair slip that is also an important Reference as it tells you Rolex has accepted to service the watch, as only if Genuine Rolex will be serviced in Rolex Service Centre. Attached a sample of Rolex Service Slip on a Rolex DD.
Next time when you buy….check the watch carefully!
HK Snob

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