Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where to buy your Rolex Watch, AD or Shop for Pre-owned Rolex?

Tricks in Selling Pre-owned Watch in HK.
There are too many smart business men doing watch Business sin HK…
Mainly they have a way to make their money…
If you are not Local HK, people, if you are not Watch Expert, if you do not know the shops well, well, I will not suggest you buy pre-owned watch... as
We know some times. The Pre-owned watch is selling more expensive than New watch
Sometime they also sell new watch in the shops but the watch is actually not new. They have been special handled and treated with some minor punishment. Say a 95% new watch can easily been Make Up to be a NEW watch, selling the price of a new watch.
Some time they may have some watches that has not been completed installed with 100% genuine parts, such as the Strap, they might put local made strap, some good shop will tell you that is local strap, but some do not. Some of the Crystal is not real Rolex Crystal, that may cause you problem in watch resistance.
Also, how can you tell the accuracy of your Rolex is still within +/-5 seconds a day in such kind of shop!?
So, it might be some secure for you going to Rolex AD to buy your New Rolex..
So what is the value of the pre-owned watch shops. Well, Antique or vintage watch, this is one of the source we can buy the pre-owned watch…. Also some of the limited version you might miss in the past, you can only find it again in the pre-owned watch market…
If you are going to buy your first Rolex, no question about it… go to Rolex AD shop in HK.
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