Monday, October 17, 2011

Gerald Genta's Greatest Watch Design, the AP RO

Two Important AP Royal Oak
The Swiss Watch Enterprise including AP was almost gone into bankruptcy in 1969 due to the Japanese new Invention on Quartz watch...The Seiko Astron that was announced to be launched in Dec 1969. At that Time Seiko overseas advertisement said “ Someday all watches will be made this way” Well, that was a great invention as it could achieve a accuracy of 0.2 second a day which is a new challenge to the traditional mechanical watch even from Switzerland. And all in sudden people would go crazy to pursue buying one of these Watches. At that time Seiko Could produce about 20 pieces a month with the price for a Car…
However, on the other side of the world Charles Gerald Genta who was requested to design a new Sport watch for AP… the Royal Oak Series, a new bold design by employing 8 screws to tighten up the bezel on to the base chassis, a kind of beauty that shocked the world… and This became one of the Most adorable watch design in the 1972. Whereby triggering big sales revenue that actually saved AP from going into Bankruptcy.
Attached I the First Generation AP Royal Oak in 18Kt… the Movement was special Designed made by JLC... a super thin movement with overall thickness of less than 7mm (inclusing the case of the watch).
On the left side I ns 1997 HK Time Zone AP limited version for HK only in memorizing the Return of HK back to China.
Besides AP Royal Oak, Gerald deigns the nautilus for PP and Overseas for VC... these are now still the Flagship series of these three Greatest Watch brands,
Charles Gérald Genta contributed to the designs of Swiss luxury watch firms including IWC, Universal Geneve, Veraheron Constantin, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, among several others. He was reported in August 2011 that Genta had died at the age of 80.
He is the master of Watches design, and he is the Icon of Swiss watch, Watch visionary. When we wear these Great Wactches we should pay respect to Gerald Genta….
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