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The World's First Chronograph entirely made of Titanium by IWC for Porsche Design

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was one of the most recognizable and Iconic designers in 20th Century, see the success of Porsche 911.

F.A. Porsche or Butzi  was graduated from the Hoschule fur Gestaltung (HfG) design school in Ulm, a school founded by Max Bill a former student of Bauhaus in Dessau.

The Bauhaus logic is aesthetics of everyday’s objectives: pure functional,  the Bauhaus curriculum returns to basic materials, espousing geometry symmetry and contrast, no diamond was being used, subtlety, and pioneer of a minimalist.

Butzi in 1972 departed from the company after a family dispute with Dr. Ferdinand Piech and founded the Porsche Design Studio in Stuttgart. His first product was a wristwatch. Its appearance, focused on the essential concern of users, displaying time with the highest function of legibility. In addition to a matt black dial on which the white hands showed a great contrast. Porsche Design has been working with Orfina, then IWC started 1977 till 1997.

World's First Fountain Pen made of Titanium by Parker, called T1 in 1970
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Don’t know if Butzi was influence by Parker who commemorated the Apollo 11 launched on Moon in 1969, they invented world first Fountain pen T1 entire made of titanium which the body and the nib is one piece. Due to the high cost and suffered low yield during manufacturing, it was made with very small number, now is one of the pen collector’s item.

Now this unusual watch is the World First Chronograph using titanium which is hard to extract, high cost and extremely difficult to manufacture.  To make the watch case, bezel, bracelet, thus this watch is light, since then it is the F.A Porsche favourite material for watches and it would be missed the Porsche-Design as it is entire made with sandblasted finish.

This is Porsche Design Titan Chronograph reference 3702 comes with titanium case, it was also bringing chronograph pushers inserted in the case-band and a fully integrated titanium bracelet. On the wrist, this watch was balanced and light, it is an sleek watch comes from Watch case and bracelet as ONE. No one does better as display is clear and legible, with a perfect contrast. It housed a self-winding movement under the reference 3732 (the JLC 361, supplied by Jaeger-LeCoultre and that could be found into the IWC Ingenieur).

World’s First volume production watch made of titanium
Perfect balance dial
highest legibility
Super Function with also a Date and Day display
Eye Catching Red Second hand
Super rare with full length of Bracelet and an adjuster Pin (Harder to find)
IWC movement
Comfortable to wear
42mm, super durable
It is a Porsche Design, timeless!


PS Watch Sold 17 Jan at watch club hi tea.

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