Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rolex Sales After Swiss Franc Appreciation in Singapore and Hong Kong!

Raffles Hotel branch of The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass Watch at Raffle Hotel, some 30 Rolexes were sold on Sunday alone.  This far outpaced the sales of other Swiss brands such as Hublot and Patek Philippe, which sold only two to four pieces that same day, said the sales staff. Mainly because of Swiss Franc had appreciate 20 percent on 15 Jan.

On any other day, Rolex sales typically taper off at around 10. Rolex declined to comment on when its new stock would come in, or when it planned to raise prices.

How About HK? What I could see is that one branch of Oriental Watch Company had a lot more customers since last Saturday, Chinese, local HKers, and foreigners, but the sales is not go as crazy as Singapore.  It is fact that the business was turning better since last Friday.

Will Rolex increase their price After CNY? well, let’s observe.

How About Europe? Many AD has increase 5 to 8% Already, will HK be exempted?

Original Article at Straits Times

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