Saturday, January 31, 2015

Recent Price War of Watches in Hong Kong

After Japan Rolex prices soared up 4% to 10% January, there is Rumour that Germany will increase price in Feburay.
Parallel watch importers are flying to Germany to snap all popular models back HK in the past two weeks.

After 15 Jan., most of the Hot items are not able to be found in Rolex AD and hands of the parallet watch dealer, likely this is purely business decision to keep the Watches for the Rolex official Price Adjustment in Febuary. Who does not want higher profit waiting for two weeks!?

So if you want to buy Rolex sport model you might have to look for a few more shops.

That is a bit surprise that Panerai had reduced price of ALL their model by 5% last week.

That is a Marketing decision, I think Panerai shouldn't reduce price as people dislike price reduction of luxuary watches.

In January, AP has already increase watch price by HKD$6,000 for all steel model such as 15400ST.

Patek Philippe had no changes of price as of this moment, may be after Chinese new years?

Lastest news that report by good freind who is now in Germany, Rolex has increased 7% on Rolex in Germany stariting 1 Feb 2015.

And It might be wise if you want to buy your favourite watch, got to be make a decision and got to be fast.

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