Friday, January 16, 2015

Japan and Korea is still a bit better than HK for Rolex Purchase

Rolex AD in Tokyo

This is still good pricing if you shop Rolex in Tokyo, Osaka and Nakaoka, Sandai...

This is one colleague went to Japan to buy Rolex

Take for an Example

Ref 116610LN is selling Yen 829,800 base on 14 Jan Exchange Rate Yen100 is HKD$6.65

That is HKD$54,422 after 5% discount and 8% VAT waived.

In HK if you are buying in AD, Ref 116610LN is $63,900 after 5% doscount will be $60,705.

GMT Master Bought in Seoul Airport on 15 Jan 2015

This is another Colleague went to buy in Seoul Airport for GMT Master II Ref 116710BLNR

Price after discount using VISA is HK dollars 59,000

But the Rolex has to ask him to put his name on it,
I would advise him to put name "Nonsuch" on it...

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hi HK Snob!
Great posts on rolex! Planning to buy explorer l. Any idea re price in japan? Is it cheaper than in HK?

HK Snob said...

Now, I is about the same, comparing with the price I get in HK Rolex AD,
Cheaper than you walkin at Rolex AD at less 5% discount may be 5%.

After Feb, HK will be a bit higher than Japan if HK Rolex increases 4-8% on their prices.

HK Snob