Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rolex Submariner Ref 16613 on Sale

Why we have always put ad on Selling Submariner Ref 16613, simply because of the huge demand of this watch.
 It is perhaps most important reason is that I happen to love the look of this watch.
I like gold watch, but it does not mean everyone likes the look of gold. Gold watches with gold bracelets can be a bit too much. But this Submariner brings the rich look of gold and still remains tasteful with some difference of all stainless steel 16610LN.
The blue dial combined with the silver-look of steel, and the polished 18k gold bezel and bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. It is perhaps the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen under price tag HK$100,000.

Another great reason to own is the caliber 3135. The 31 jewel caliber 3135 has been in service since 1989. In those 25 years of services, the 3135 has garnered a reputation as being one of the most reliable robust movements ever created.
So my friend, this is probably the 4th Ref 16613 since I put ad last year, full set except box at a price of HKD$43,800, it comes with original two tone bracelet and a brand new croco strap for you. Just arrive our hands from Rolex after their polishment... it is like new.

This is a price that you probably cannot find in the market under this  criteria.
1.       Two Tone
2.       40mm dive-watch
3.       All-Occasion wearing
4.       Reliable Movement in place
5.       Big name.

What else!?

HK Snob

Watch was sold on 11 Jan 2015

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