Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rolex's Most Expensive Three watches

A Man just came to HK to Search for these most expensive Watches From Rolex.

No. 1 GMT Master Ice Ref 116769 TBR HKD$4,400,000

No. 2. Submariner Emerald 116649 HKD$2,850,000

No. 3 Daytona in Platinum Ref 116576 TBR $1,207,500

These are rare species and not easy to be found, I have seen Submariner Emerald and Platinum Daytona at HKIA but were sold out.

There is still 2-3 few pieces at one of the watch AD in HK, as these are expensive items that normally AD does not stock up and there is no parallel import about these extraordinary items.

The about price are all listed price and this man is looking for the best discount he could before next price up-adjustment.

That is why I call him Tai Chi Cheung Sam Rolex (太極張三撈)!

HK Snob

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