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Q & A on Vintage Rolex Collection

Why Chinese Post?
Well, because many of my HK Chinese Friends questioned me, why not writing something in Cantonese?  So I did. Actually I plan to write Chinese long time ago but my Company Note Book does not installed Chinese Writing Software. Until one day my beloved one brought me this Pink Note III, it has a fantastic pen that could write much like Chinese Character than the Note II, so I started writing something in Chinese. With a click, I could upload my post on the Blog.

Watch Check at Rolex Service Centre
Many Singaporean blog fans ask me why there is still fake Rolex selling in Shop?  I told them I haven't heard a single case in the past three years Rolex AD has sold Fake watch of Rolex, I emphases Rolex AD.
Some friends ask me if they buy a Rolex, can they send this Rolex to RVC asking them to verify the watch,
Well, Hong Kong is not same as Singapore, I think we can send the watch to Rolex to do a verification, but I have no hints on the charges and how fast it would take. If someone has such experience, please share with us.

Vintage Rolex
The market for vintage watches especially vintage Rolex watches can be a minefield. 
There are a lot of Franken, a lot of Polex and Lolex Vintage, it is the major reason why there are so many people has hesitation going into vintage Rolex Collection. Well, treat this as challenge and that could be fun, also who does not pay tuition fee before you get the Phd Degrees in Watch Collection in the school of HK? Phd may stand for Pig Head Dummy in this case!

Rolex Record
Rolex does not provide information out on their vintage models. They don’t help collectors in the way other brands do by issuing certificates.  But they do check and issue a Rolex Service record slip saying this this the watch they have service, if that watch is  Franken Rolex, they don’t service, so many people use this slip as a Proof of Authenticity.
Rolex is not like Patek Philippe- it makes a significantly higher volume of watches, and perhaps their records on older watches are not as good as they should be. Patek Philippe and Blancpain used to keep good record of the owner of the watch. They do have record of his watch in much more detail, as Patek produces only 30,000 watches a year whereas Rolex produces 30,000 watches in two weeks!

How to avoid buying a Franken Rolex Vintage Watch!?
Try to develop a relationship with a reputable dealer.  A good dealer has nothing to hide, and a guarantee of authenticity should not have a time expiration date. Know the seller and do your research!  True that it sometimes happened an expert buys a Franken Watch, it hurts painfully but that is another precious lesson we gain experienced in not buying something you don’t know, not buying something from someone you don’t know.

The More Expenisve the Watch, the lesser chance to be A Fake?
The more expensive the watch, the higher chance to get fake! Why? who will spend effort to make fake or Franken watch of HKD$30,000! On the Contrary, that Paul Newman Daytona could be an attraction to the people who goes into this dirty Fake watch business.

It is 100% Safe to buy watch from The Auction?
All depends, sometimes big auction houses has accidentally trades “Franken Watch” but that chances is lesser, it does not matter as you can always make another round to Auction to “SELL” the problematic watch again :P

Watch Collectors’ Don’ts
Don't go watch gathering with money in pocket, as someone may have 20 Submariner of the same model of different years, a great temptation not to buy it. Well, someone carries a book of Cheque!
Someone likes to trade watch in watch gathering, well, only buy something you like, not someone of good deal. Or at the end of the year, you may have 10 Rolex of the same type with minor difference, unless your target is to collection all the model of different varieties.  But I tell you, that is a High End Target for Rolex!

What Vintage Rolex I will buy if I had HKD$1M
1969 Ref 6241 Black 3-Color Paul Newman
1977 Ref 1803 White Gold Stella with Green Dial
Why? They are legendary, scarcity, and most of all, they are very beautiful!

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