Sunday, February 16, 2014

How Rolex Fixation was started?

Many people was affected by parents, relatives, teachers' wearing when they were young. I was fascinated by my father as he used mentioning German engineering, Swiss watches to me when I was 12.

He told me story US president used to wear Rolex, Since then that name of model "Day Date" has been imprinted on my mind. So it was my story of Rolex fixation! My father used to wear a Seiko Day Date gold Plated one 25 jewel as I still remember.

The young people Follows local and foreign pop culture where they copy the idols!

木村拓哉Takuya Kimura was the one who brought up the heat for Explorer I in HK, he is a Rolex Lovers too. From What I could see K-pop start does not go so much for Rolex as the J-pop… am I right!?

Well, most of the HK singers and movie star like Rolex as may be shopping is best in HK for Rolex, and Rolex has spent huge money in Advertisement in HK. Don't forget there are 60 of Rolex Shipped to HK and China.

Many local Movies has shown Rolex, that is why Rolex is being known to you and me when we are in Cinema, we are being educated that this is the Watch for rich people, successful business men, tycoons, gangsters, Gamblers, office executives, sales ….

Look at the recent “GOLDEN CHICKEN” movie… what is that watch!?

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