Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Watch Colour Trend

New Rolex Day Date Colour 2013

Why my Gold Watch cannot be Red, Green or Yellow in Colour?

In the 80’s most of the Rolex is god champagne Colour dial, Gold was almost a symbolic colour for

Gold Rolex! We did have Blue colour as It could be used matching men’s clothes easily… You can see Submariner Two Tone had blue, GMT Master Had blue, but not green , Red or yellow…

That was why their “Red”, “green” was not the people’s choice at all… that is another reason these are already turnout to be gems nowadays, as scarcity is the reason for high price…

Well, at Beselworld 2013, Rolex has introduced a new set of colour for the Flag ship Day Date Series.  As this is a world of colour, whilst other watch maker are working on using different colour, material to make watch, Rolex is still using the traditional steel or gold and those bore colour dial… hardly can see a new Day Date using Lapis Azuli, or venturine to make dial….yes, there are but in a very small quantity.

Other players are not stop doing nothing as this is seems to be the trend of WATCHES… I saw a Piaget ultra thin manual winding  at HKIA with Lapis Blue dial, so beautiful with only HKD$175,000.00!

Chopard Micro Rotor Auto movement with Champagne, Orange Crush Cognac and Bordeaux and matching colour alligator leather strap

Chopard introduced the energetic Orange, and burgundy dial, and Jaeger also made the purple red on his legendary Reverso!

Enchanted Jaeger Reverso with Burgundy Red Dial

So today, your old Day Date with these colour will not be lonely anymore!

Remember colur is a reflection of your mood and colour changes men’s behaviour

Most of the Love hotel is using Pink colour as the colour of the wall, as this colour can make human FASTER to go orgasm, in the opposite, Green will slow it down, love hotel manager does not like you staying in room too long whilst people are queuing at the corridor waiting for room… 

Ha, that is another reason I want to buy a Green Dial Rolex Day Date for prolonged Sex reason!!

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