Friday, May 3, 2013

Women's wrist watch

                                                                 Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso


                                                                    AP Royal Oak Automatic
Piaget Altplano

This is some of the pretty women who wear a men’s watch... seems that these women wearing a men’s watch has some kind sexual appeal. But definitely not result that some kind of Heavy Watch over 42mm and 18mm thick could achive!

Sooner later people will get bore with those oversized watch on Women as that has a sense that men can wear, women can too, what is the result?! That is a good topic on how to stop woman wearing Men's watch, or how to prevent men wear women's watch. As that is doing no good for the Watch Industry, the sales of Swiss watch will like reduce a lot in volume.

Have you ever seen a lady appealed to be charming and sexy wearing a DeepSea? Of course she would if she is Maria Sharapova who stands at 1.88M, I would be puzzled if you do not look at her face, smile and body but rather at her "watch"! In fact, Sharapova, being a celebrity, may be I am the only few that is really care about what watch she wears!

It will gradually come to a state watch size will be having moderate 34mm to 36mm as the maximum limit for size for lady especially Asian. So when you intend to buy a watch for your lady consider a moderate size. If you want them to last worth something for next coming 10-15 years, do not go to the extreme hugh watch!

These are some of the watches that women could wear and would look nice too. JLC Reverso, Piaget ultra slim ...or even an AP Royal Oak, so so it is big but not Fat; would look nice to be in and not too clumsy! In my humble opinion, the younger the age, the bigger the size can go; where as more sophisticated lady would be just nice to wear a simple lady Watch...

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